We source, procure and arrange shipping and delivery of materials and products to the customer’s desired location.

We take care of all the logistics and administrative requirements such as shipping schedules, customs clearance, shipping insurance etc.

We provide full product support through our suppliers, this includes technical back-up where needed.

After Sales Service – Located in the UK we visit our customers on a regular basis.  We offer continuity in support of our sales. Service to our customers does not end when invoices are paid, it is an on-going part of our business.


As part of our services, where required, we can carry out inspections of materials and products at the site of manufacture prior to shipment. This can be conducted by our own staff or by independently appointed agencies, as and when required.

Such inspections confirm that materials or products are in accordance with the relevant specifications prior to shipment.

Where this is required, inspection reports are prepared and issued to the Client.


By completing our Buffer Stop Questionnaire or go to our Downloads page to download the questionaire it is possible for us to provide our customers with a proposal for a suitable buffer stop. We do however need the detailed information from the customer to complete the proposal.