Rail Sections

We are able to supply a full range of rails for both railway and crane use. A full range of sections can be found on the downloads page.
They can be supplied as rolled, cut to length, drilled or curved to suit the needs of our customer.

Rail Accessories

We are able to supply a wide range of rail fastenings to suit railway and engineering requirements. These will ensure that the rails are correctly secured before being brought into service.

We also supply fishplates and bolts to suit the rails supplied. Other permanent way items complete the package of materials that we are able to provide.

Friction Buffer Stops

Friction Element Buffers are safety devices that arrest a train in a controlled manner in the event of an impact. They offer an energy absorbing solution that is effective and cost efficient. By arresting a train in a controlled manner it reduces the risk of damage to the rolling stock and injury to the passengers. A suitable buffer stop is designed to suit the train weight and speed.

Fixed Buffer Stops

All track ends need to be marked and protected to stop trains falling off the end of the rails. Fixed buffers do not offer an energy absorbing solution, however they do clearly mark the end of the rails, and they will stop trains at very slow speeds.

Hydraulic Buffer Stops

In certain cases an energy absorbing buffer is required but there is no space to install a sliding friction device. A fixed hydraulic device helps to overcome these problems. A steel structure is designed to accept the forces applied by the hydraulic devices during an impact. They do not have the capability to absorb as much energy as a sliding buffer stop as you are limited by the length of the hydraulic device.

Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are used to protect rail ends in workshops or maintenance facilities. They are generally only suitable for single cars or waggons at slow speeds. They are clamped to the rail head and can easily be moved to suit new situations.

Folding Buffer Stops

Folding buffer stops are used to protect special loading facilities from shunting accidents. Generally the buffers are set in the closed position to stop trains accidentally entering the siding. When a train is ready to enter the buffers are folded to the open position to allow the train safe passage.

Crane Track Buffer Stops

Cranes need to be protected from coming off the track ends. Crane buffers will ensure that the cranes only operate in their designed work area. They can also provide an anchor point in the event of high winds. Every crane buffer is specifically designed to suit the crane in question.

Special Designs

Special buffers can be designed to suit any vehicles running on rails. Special designs include buffer stops in coal mines, tram systems, light narrow gauge heritage railways, airport people movers or mountain railways to name but a few.


We are able to supply industrial turnouts and crossing for use in ports harbours and private sidings.
Previous supplies have included Naval Ports and commercial harbours connected to the rail network.

Ferrous Materials

•Carbon Steel
•Alloy Steel
•Stainless Steel
•Super Alloys
•Gray Iron
• Ductile Iron

Non Ferrous Materials

•Ductile Iron
•Copper Alloys
•Phosphor Bronze
•Naval Rolled Brass
• Muntz Metal
•Aluminium Brass
•Aluminium Bronze
• Nickel

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Our aim is to maintain a permanent presence in the market place, provide continuity of supply and a personal service to all our customers.

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